On Veterans Day 2021, several historians told stories about the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, and World War II, all represented by people buried in Historic Fairview Cemetery. Thank you to Richard Melzer, Ph.D., John Taylor, Melanie LaBorwit, and Kathy Snyder for sharing your knowledge and stories! You can watch and learn more through these videos below.

History and Contributions of New Mexicans in the Spanish American War

Melanie LaBorwit, past Museum Director of the City of Las Vegas (NM) Museum and Rough Rider Memorial Collection, provides an overview of the Spanish American War and connections to New Mexico. Some details include the involvement of Theodore Roosevelt, Col. Leonard Wood, Brooks Brothers-designed uniforms, and the evolution of several popular cocktails.

The Contributions of Buffalo Soldiers

Katherine Snyder with the Daughters of the American Revolution speaks about the history of the Buffalo Soldiers during Historic Fairview Cemetery’s Veterans’ Day observations. These are African-Americans who served in the Army after Emancipation. There are 14 Buffalo Soldiers buried in this cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Three of their stories were told in this video: Henry Winstead, Oscar Warner, and James Price.

Civil War Battles in New Mexico

Historian John Taylor, author of the books “Bloody Valverde” and “The Battle of Glorieta Pass,” shares the background about these two Civil War battles that took place in New Mexico in 1862. He’s a great storyteller, and offers great details about why the Confederates waged war in the territory and how the battles played out. He also explains why Confederate (CSA) headstones have a peaked top, while Union headstones, and all veterans headstones for those who served in the United States military, are rounded.

New Mexicans in World War II

Historian Richard Melzer Ph.D. shares the history of New Mexicans in the National Guard who served in World War II. Half of the 1,825 New Mexicans who fought in the Pacific Theater died: 19 during the Bataan Death March, the rest of various diseases and causes in Japanese prison camps. Dr. Melzer is the author of a number of books on history in New Mexico.

Veterans Day Observances